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Let Me Explain How All Of This Works, Who I Am And More Importantly, Why You Should Listen To What I Have To Say

Date: October 22, 2016


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True (Short) Story

Dear Friend,

If you bring your mind, your focus, right here right now, what I am about to reveal to you, may change your life forever. Sorry about the cliché, but fortunately it’s the plain truth. It has changed my life and that of others (proof below). Just give me your hand and let me do the rest.



I totally understand you my friends, really, because I have felt the same way… but not anymore and this is valid for you too. How did my life change? Read on to discover the answer that may change yours too.


I have been trying to make a living online for about 2 and a half years now. During my first year I tried every possible info product and guide that promised cash on demand. I was a complete newbie, inexperienced and I was amazed by this whole new world I was discovering.

I had the will to succeed, I wanted to make the amounts of money those guides were promising, I was in a desperate need for money and I had the burning desire to turn this whole around, to change my life finally, but… nothing seemed to work for me.



I mean, I can go on and on… you name it, I tried it… but from all this, during my first year as an internet marketer aspirant, I was able in fact to make $100. Of course, what I spent was much more than that, but… I had made my first dollar online.

That meant that I had something that 95% of those that try to be internet marketers didn’t have, I had the ability to make money online. The same way I made $100, the same way I could make how much money I wanted.

That’s why I didn’t give up and luckily for me, in the process, I got in my hands a guide on how to make money on Facebook. I thought it would be the same like all the guides out there, but in fact it was the starting point of my life change.


Making Money On Facebook Very Soon Became My Field Of Expertise


The second year online was unbelievable for me… my life changed forever, I made more than $140,000 and all that was coming from just managing Facebook pages… but not like everybody does!

THE MOST ANTICIPATED LAUNCH OF THE YEAR!!!! Been looking forward to this for a very long time!!! This is a game changer! Thank you Tony!

Coach Comeback, WF


I remember talking to Tony about this one a few months back, and I was ready to pay a few hundred for it. This is SUPER VALUABLE stuff. You'll dominate facebook with this.

No kiddin'.

Get it. Use it.

You'll love it.

MeTellYou, WF

Finally - a solid, result-getting Facebook course that is immune to updates and changes. Not sure how Tony pulled this off but sure glad he did.

Amazing proof, some seriously effective methods that I've never heard of before, let alone seen put to action. Newbie friendly but a ton of info for seasoned facebook marketers as well.

Mark Tandan, WF

I purchased this product and felt compelled to leave a review. I am a little more than half way through the videos. Tony is clearly knowledgeable about how to make money using Facebook Fanpages. The videos are well done. I have been using FB fanpages for about a year and there are many tips that he has that I did not know. The videos are short, clear and to the point so it is not possible to get caught up in overwhelm or confusion.


I don't know Tony and I am not an affiliate of this product, although I would feel very comfortable promoting it. There really are not a lot of WSOs that are worth the money (IMO), but if you want to learn how to make money using fanpages, this WSO is worth the money that Tony is asking.

livinglarge, WF


BKT 2013 CB 2013 DL 2013 PayPal 2013
Are you wondering if I am still receiving similar payments in my third year, even after Facebook algorithm changes?

Here you go…

TB 2014BKT 2014 CB 2014 DL 2014PayPal 2014

and still going on…



As you can see, there are no super hyped numbers above. I am not pretending that I made millions of dollars with the push of a button, no, I am just revealing that these numbers are totally possible… if you simply do the right things that work.

Facebook algorithm changes began in December 2013 and affected almost every page by decreasing the reach of their posts. As a matter of fact a small number of pages didn’t feel any change and SURPRISINGLY some of them saw an INCREASE in the reach of their posts.


What do these successful pages have that the other pages don’t?
The answer is simple: They give Facebook what it wants.

What does Facebook want?...

10FB Cash Master box…to reveal to you the exact evergreen secrets and techniques I follow myself to earn 4-5 figures per month… in the middle of Facebook algorithm changes era.

I must say that this is one of the best and most comprehensive guides that I ever seen/read.

INCREDIBLE VALUE to your money guys, really recommend to act now before the price goes up and up (and it will)

You will SIMPLY and EASILY learn from A to Z how to master Facebook! Don't miss out on this, I rarely say this in a WSO thread, but believe me, you will love it!

sodevrom, WF

I must say Tony has overdelivered when it comes to teaching something unique and straight to the point cutting out the BS for us. The training comes in a video format which is my personal favourite because you get to see what he is doing and after going through the course wholly I can vouch for what Tony is saying. If FB is your traffic source then you need to get this because he has explained everything starting from scratch. So many strategies he reveals were unheard to me and comes to show that there are honest marketers around who give value in their products.

Good Job!

Reddevil007, WF

This is one of the best explained, well organized and information rich course I've ever tried.

1. The access to the course is very well done, well organized and even a kid could navigate on the website and start learning right away. I just got the access information, logged in and started with the videos right away. Its easy as ABC

2. The presenter explains very well, very understandable and easy to understand English, which is a plus because there some people who should use subtitles when presenting but in this case, I even enjoyed listening to the voice because it is not those voices that make you fall asleep after 5 minutes into the video, it will infact make you motivated.

3. The content of the video is well done, with clear images and presentation, every step is explained and showed into the video which is a plus. The presenter goes on to even give bonus tips and ideas on how you can get more out of the product.

4. The product itself. Very easy way to make money and I can definitely say it works because I was already doing something similar but without trying to get money out of people but if you're interested in that then you can make money. It requires that you take some steps first but after a short period of time, you can definitely sit, relax and let money come to you without lifting a finger.

Final word, I love this course and how smart it is done, I'd buy it daily, monthly and over and over again. Since I was already doing something similar, I picked up a lot of advices on the way. Get a copy and you wont regret.

Underxman, WF

I can confirm this is a gem, something special coming straight from a great FB marketer!

You will learn techniques no one has ever revealed, something able to make you sales since day 1 after watching this training.

This really rocks, even for a seasoned FB marketer like me, that joined it since the first year it was available on market

I can strongly suggest you to look into this training, that I like to call "mastermind", because you are helped step by step to comprehend the topics, the ideas and the methods that are really fabulous and impossible for you to miss!

Thumbs up!

Alessandro Zamboni, WF




If you are not interested in discovering how I make 4-5 figures per month online…

Stop reading this page right now…but…

If you are looking to discover the Insider Secrets that make this income possible, KEEP READING!

This is a membership video course with videos in the HD Quality format and in a Responsive Layout


It is organized in 4 modules where important secrets are included in each of them that will be immediately available to you when you enroll:




I Will Reveal You Everything. You Will Have The Chance To See Some Of My Pages Too. I Will Not Hide Any Of My Niches. There Will Be Nothing Held Back.


But it doesn’t end here!


If You Act Now, You Will Also Get…

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OK Tony, how much man?

After receiving a review copy, a student was asked recently how much was this course worth to him… He was ready to pay $2,000 just only for the 2 super ninja methods that make it possible to multiply the number of page likes for the same cost because not only he would be able to master those 2 techniques for himself, but he would be also able to earn thousands by just teaching them to others.


Well, what about you, what’s all this worth to you? Let me Recap:

FB Cash Master - where you will discover the insider secrets of how to…

  • SURVIVE Facebook Algorithm Changes and never care about them anymore
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TOTAL = $488 + $79/m

PLUS you get Continuous Updates FOR FREE

I gotta say, it's pretty awesome.

I love how it is broken down into really easily digestible pieces. Some courses go through everything all at once and leaves you with a bit of info overload, but FB Cash Master really TEACHES you what to do.

I've used a similar strategy myself so I know for a fact it works. Tony here has even given me some MORE ideas to implement. It was an "Ah Ha" moment. The way he teaches you scale this business model makes for limitless earning potential. This is a solid an actionable plan of attack on Facebook. Jam packed with awesome info and a step-by step strategy to make a killing with FB.

The only way you fail here is if you don't take action and don't do exactly what Tony says.

Great stuff Tony, thanks


I'm impressed with it.

It's really a very well thought out and organized blue print for making money with facebook for anyone who can simply follow instructions. The quality of the information and the overall quality of the videos far exceeds anything I've seen on this topic, either here or anywhere else.

I especially like that there is NO Google or SEO involvement what so ever in the course. Some other notable points are that it's all "meat". No fluff, or regurgitated dribbling on and on about things that have already been well covered just to pad the content.

This is a great, easy to follow course. Done by someone who is actually doing what he's teaching.

Clyde Dennis, WF

Beware of complacency!

When I first saw what this was about and got my review copy I thought I'd got all the gen on Facebook marketing already.

Boy, was I wrong!

Within the first minute or so of watching Tony's videos I was taking notes. Then another. Then I'd have to pause it to give myself time to capture another gem.

This man knows his stuff and he walks his talk.

Not only that, but he's taken great care to break his program down into a logical sequence and bite sized chunks so you end up accumulating a vast wealth of knowledge, ideas and hot tips without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Brilliant information, brilliantly taught.

I will refer back to it time and again - this a fantastic resource. Thank you, Tony.

Wizardofwisdom, WF

I was very impressed after going through this product. FB was explained in great detail. The training comes in a video format where you can clearly see what he is doing - STEP BY STEP. If FB is your traffic source then you need to get this because he has explained everything YOU NEED TO KNOW! From surviving FB algorithm changes to discovering the ideal posting sequence to simple tricks that can increase your FB page engagement to discovering amazingly profitable opportunities!!.....SO STOP OVERTHINKING AND GRAB THIS AMAZING TRAINING!
Joshua Kwentoh, WF


A friend of mine told me that I would be crazy if I priced this course at less than $297.

And in fact he is right. The cost of this course is $297but

I want to give you a GREAT OFFER TODAY so I’m definitely NOT going to charge you anywhere near $2,000 not even $297. Take action today and you’ll gain instant-access to FB Cash Master + the 4 Amazing Bonuses with a CRAZY DISCOUNT of $200 for only a low one-time fee of $97.

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First and foremost I want to Give Back to this community that has given so much to me.

Then I want to make sure that every newbie gets access to it. Once, I was a newbie too and I know what it means. Along with the advanced techniques, I have packaged the basic steps into the amazing Facebook world so that everyone gets covered.

Then this is a Special Offer. By setting this cost I make sure to Over Over Deliver and get happy clients. This way the course will get great comments and testimonials that will be very useful when the special offer period is over and the course will be launched on Udemy at its real value cost.


In fact, at $97 it is a steal and a no brainer

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P.S. I believe you are able to see the huge opportunity here. This may be the start of your life changing. A pdf guide was the life changing point for me and I truly believe that this a lot more profound video course with actual examples may be your life changing point. Please ... do yourself a favor and try it out. I am sure you’ll be amazed! Scroll up and order now!

P.P.S. Remember… this isn’t about the same old ‘techniques’ or ‘instructions’ you’ve read about so many times before, no… this is new genuine information that reveals the never revealed evergreen insider secrets that are working right now and that will work forever.

P.P.P.S. Honestly I don’t know for how long I will let this Special Offer live before launching it as a higher ticket course. Anyway, whatever your decision is, I wish you best of luck in whatever you do in life.